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Dress Shopping- What to Know During Your "say yes" Process

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Dress shopping- one of the most anticipated days of wedding planning! If you're anything like me, you've had inspiration pics of the perfect gown on your Pinterest board since middle school. You've wondered for years what your dress style would be, how you'd look in the controversial ball gown, and who would be there when you have your "yes to the dress" moment. It's all very exciting and emotional- and you want to be prepared for this once in a lifetime moment.

Here are my tips and tricks for creating a seamless dress shopping experience:

  1. Research boutiques that carry designers whose style you like. You can even call ahead and ask if they carry a sample of a specific dress you like online. Make an appointment here! When I had my dress shopping experience, I was super surprised by how much I'd like a dress on and hate it in person.

  2. Only take the people with you who you are 100% comfortable with. Dress shopping is not the time to try and people please, so if that’s your full bride tribe, sweet! And if it’s only 3 people, all good too. This moment and experience is about you, so feel confident in who you bring along.

  3. Do your hair and makeup so you feel your best. You can even do your makeup bridal trial before your dress shopping appointment to get the full feel.

  4. Try on ALL styles of bridal gowns and just have fun with it. Part of shopping for your bridal gown is the experience, and it’s once in a lifetime. You don’t need to make a decision the first time you try on dresses! If you find something you you really like, but aren't sold on it just yet- sleep on it. The dress that is meant for you is the one your mind will keep wondering back to.


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